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Unheard soul

Nobody knows the real me . Nobody knows how many times I´ve sat in my room , and cried . How many times I have lost hope , how many times I´ve been left down . How many times I held back my tears . Nobody knows the thoughts that have gone through my head wile I was depressed . All the anger inside of me , all the hate . Nobody has ever noticed , no one has really cared . They judge me upon appearance , and how I act . But there´s a reason to why I am the way I am . There´s always a story behind every human being . I have a story , and nobody really knows it . All the pain inside of me , and all they see is bad . I have a soul ! I am not all evil ! I am an unheard soul waiting to be seen by my loved ones , waiting to be noticed . Being in pain is not the same as being evil , and some of you people need to learn that . 

It Becomes A Routine

Have you ever broke down sobbing after so long of being strong ? Crumbled to the floor , hands by your face . Your face scrunches up , and you let out that first gasp . You try to be quiet but eventually it becomes louder , heart-wrenching sobs . You cry , and cry , so much you can´t breathe . You ask whoever´s up there , ¨ Why ? Why me ? Why this ? Why can´t I be just dead ? ¨ You say you want to end it all right there , and then . You sob , trying to gasp breaths in between . Eventually you completely collapse on the floor . You get a cold numb feeling , like you´re nothing . You feel worthless , like your life means nothing . But then something happens …  You get up , and wipe away all your tears . You walk to the room , and act like nothing ever happened . You act like you´re happy , again . Like nobody has to know . But the question you should be asking yourself is ¨ why ? ¨ 


An alternative term for hell . Creatures that the lord has created ; Humans . Some lurk throughout this universe imitating happiness  , and others wanting to have a ¨  Perfect life . ¨ But none of these creatures ever find what they have been searching for , none of them feel accomplished with their so called ¨  Life . ¨ They are convinced that life is amazing , that we are lucky to be living . When in fact , life is the complete opposite .  Everything that our parents tell us as a child about life is all bullshit . Our souls are tapped , and will never be set free . There is one possibility to help our souls be released , and that is to believe that life is nothing . If we tell our selves the truth about life , then maybe we will accept that fact and try to make life mean something else . To try and make life meaningful , to live our lives to the fullest . But sadly no one ever says the truth , they say to themselves it is but deep down inside they are lying . We all know the truth but we decide to hide it with facts and opinions . Life is hell , and we all know it . 

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